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Coming soon - Roland Juno-106 Just completing the restoration at This Old Synth. This is having the same list of items as the one I just sold below.

Coming soon - Moog MiniMoog Just completing the preperation for sale. This was used for Opto-key development at This Old Synth. Over the years I refinished the case and did all the reliability updates that I do. It has modern multi-turn tuning and scaling pots and the Moog dead-band pitch wheel FCO. A really nice MiniMoog. I have switched to a scruffy one for Opto-key development now.

Roland Juno-106 Just completed the restoration at This Old Synth. Juno_106 for sale
Juno_106 for saleIt has had:
1/ Cleaned up inside and out. Cleaned keys.
2/ Fitted IEC grounded power connector.
3/ Front panel service
3a/ Removed old gasket material
3b/ Fitted new gaskets over sliders on front and modulation panels Juno_106 modules
3c/ Cleaned sliders
3d/ Replaced all button switches.
4/ Voice module service
4a/ Removed all 6 voice modules
4b/ Acetone stripped modules.
4c/ Re-soldered chips on modules as a common issue with them.
4d/ Silicone coated all voice modules.
4e/ Refitted all 6 voice modules, set up and tested
5/ New battery.
6/ Loaded factory patches.
7/ Tuned and scaled. On test.

Juno_106 for saleIt is working beautifully. General look and operating condition excellent. There is a small amount of paint bubbling at the ends of the front panel(pics) so price adjusted down based on that (looking for around $900). Juno_106 for saleIt has a shipping case but the foam needs redoing.

My thanks to the buyer who provided this feedback: "I just wanted to let you know that the synth arrived in perfect condition and I have been playing it. It sounds great and feels great! I’m very happy with it and am already using it on recordings. "

DK Synergy II+ Coming soon! SOLD  

Oberheim OB-1Oberheim OB-1 Vintage Analog Synth
- Professionally restored and in beautiful condition. $2700 SOLD

Octave CATOctave the CAT Synthesizer Model 1853 this is the early and rarer Non-SRM version. $1300 SOLD

Emulator II+E-Mu Emulator II+ unit serviced and fully functional. The plus version has 1MB of ram and is the most sought after version. $1800 SOLD

Realistic MG-1Moog MG-1 Concertmate
this has had the foam goo residue removed and a set of working sliders and switches installed. Everything works to spec and it looks good too! $500 SOLD

Yamaha DX-7 with multi-bank modYamaha DX-7 Nice looking DX-7 and fully functional. $260 SOLD

Yamaha DX7 FDIIYamaha DX7 FDII
This DX-7 II FD has been kept in a non-smoking studio and is in excellent condition. Lovely condition: $450 SOLD

KORG Poly-800 + ModsKORG Poly-800 + Mods
This Korg Poly 800 (Mk1) is the later version that has a back-up battery for patches. It was serviced by me and the acid damage common on these models was addressed.

I then added the following mods: Poly-800

Moog Slayer Mod1/ Moog Slayer (improved version that can be switched in and out). Note that the ability to tweak resonance is dependent the amount set in the patch).

2/ 12/24db Filter (24db is factory) FM Modulation

3/ FM Modulation (all the way to the left is off)

This is a fun, low cost synth! It has some wear and tear, but nothing horrible. $280 SOLD