2 thoughts on “Roland SR-505

  1. Hi Chris,

    My friend recently acquired an electric keyboard that is just like this one http://m.matrixsynth.com/2008/04/conn-electric-band_28.html. It turns on but there is no output only static noise, moreover the beat light doesn’t turn on. I know some basic electronics, but I’m not particularly familiar with music electronics. That said, I have tried poking around, but have not been very successful (though at least the sliders seem ok). Could you give me some advice as to where to start, what I should check in order to find the problem? I’m asking through here because I’m in Colombia and thus bringing it to you would be impossible. Thanks.


    • Hi Manu,

      I’m not familiar with that particular model. The best answer is always “take it to a tech”, but if you want to probe around then find the schematic and start with the power supply as it sounds like you have one or more issues. The next move would be to check the oscillator, and whatever divider method it uses. I guess we are saying to start with the basic infrastructure and then follow the signal path. Hope you are successful with your project!


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