Gleeman Pentaphonic

Gleeman Pentaphonic with standard case

Gleeman Pentaphonic with standard case

Gleeman Pentaphonic – this one had been killed by another repairer during a battery replacement. Thankfully the unit was not “blown up”, the issue was a failed solder joint on a power connector that caused a connector pin to fail, and the wire connected to that pin to fail. Not too difficult a repair, but it does cause concern about “techs” changing batteries but unable to do anything else and putting a rare and valuable keyboard at risk. I also re-bushed the keyboard and the Gleeman Pentaphonic bad connectorcustomer was delighted to have his treasure back working as good as new!

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  1. How do you tune the oscillators on this synth. I heard it was a modification done on later units. The one I have is are all out of tune. Is it in a logic chip? Your thoughts, thanks.

    • There are no tuning pots for the VCO’s, everything is done under digital control, so really hard to fault-find. The important question here is whether it tracks correctly, and if the malady is a single VCO. The last time I looked at this issue on a Gleeman with pitch off center, but tracking correctly was an issue with the joystick pots having drifted.

      In terms of the factory mods, there was a firmware based “Interval Timing Modification” update. If you have this fitted already then you need to know how to control it, and the answer is in the schematics which Kevin has available for download here:

      Hope this helps!


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