How to order

Minimum order is $20. I do not currently ship internationally, apart from Opto-key.

Unless other wise noted (New/NOS) these parts are reclaimed. I have the key from the highlighted keyboard. The compatibility information was gleaned from the web so please do your own checks to make sure it fits yours.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping in the USA is $7 for regular parts. Opto-key shipping is higher.

I have other parts from the listed keyboards, but not from non-listed ones. Please email me at This Old Synth with your order or enquiry.

Parts Section


Opto-Key MIDI $595. This adds MIDI-In and MIDI-Out to Opto-Key and supports Note-On and Note-Off. MIDI connection is via a cable which hangs out of the case rear that is terminated with quality 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors. Internally it plugs into the keyboard Cinch-Jones connector in place of the original key contact strip. No drilling, soldering, or case modification is required.

Opto-Key non-MIDI $495

Opto-Key Shipping Worldwide shipping for Opto-key is via USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. Priority Mail is less than $24 for the USA, and they charge $74 for most non-US countries shipped to. Canada is currently $53. Note that we will not lie on insurance, duty, import, VAT or customs forms. We are not responsible for any customs fees or taxes a buyer may be charged by their country. Do not buy if you cannot afford such possible charges as we cannot estimate them beforehand.  

Payment is by PayPal only to a PayPal verified address.

Installation by me
Newish bushings are required per Opto-key install doc. I will strip the key-deck, remove the old key contact assembly (returned to customer if wanted), remove old bushings if new ones are to be fitted (new bushings are an extra $42), clean the key-deck, align key posts, install and align Opto-key, hand-clean and refit keys, then test. There is a standard charge of 3 hours ($60/hr) for this so $180, or $222 with new bushings supplied. Note that the MiniMoog has to be tuned and scaled afterwards as the CV is now more accurate than before. You can send me your key-deck for this work to be carried out and then the shipping charge becomes the cost of shipping it back to you.

MiniMoog Restoration Items

Replacement Cases

MiniMoog Replacement CaseThis Old Synth is proud to be able to offer these beautiful handcrafted cases that are made in the USA by a professional woodworker. An early original case was disassembled and a replacement made that is both stronger and fits perfectly. Other replacement casesMiniMoog Replacement Case were looked at and design shortcuts observed that were incorrect in size, and badly jointed. This case does not suffer from any such shortcuts!

MiniMoog Replacement CasThe standard finish is Early American, which is the closest off the shelf finish to an early MiniMoog. I also have a natural finished one. Introductory price for these is: $399

A custom finish and/or exotic wood can be quoted for on a case built to order. Price will depend on the finish and chosen wood. Please contact me with your requirements.

Some folks want to keep everything as vintage as possible but have a structurally damaged (i.e. dropped!) case. I took a severely damaged case that was in scrap condition to my case-maker and he has restored it with minimal outer case wood replacement, such that it still has the look and feel of the original. It has been strengthened beneath the surface, so is sturdier than when it was new. This is available for sale for $499.99, but we would encourage you to exchange your old case into the program here such that it can be restored for another customer. A discount would therefore be offered for the old case. It is also possible for us to restore your existing case of course, but it probably makes more sense for you to send your MiniMoog to me for stripping and rebuild. Pictures of the restored case can be provided (I have it in my workshop if you are local).

Shipping will be calculated based on destination so the standard $6 shipping rate does not apply to this item.

Installation by me If you send me your MiniMoog I can install it into the new case for 3 hours labor (currently $60/hr). Extra work required on your MiniMoog can of course be performed whilst it is here at an extra charge. Contact me for an estimate.


SCI Pro-One KeysSCI Pro-One (J-wire) - These are fragile and rare keys (the skinny actuating post commonly breaks, but may be repairable so do not throw your old ones away!), and I came across a set so I'm offering them for sale so we can get keyboards that have been waiting for these going again. These do NOT fit the membrane keyboard, and I do not know of anyone that can fix the membrane types. These are used, hand cleaned, and in good condition. Note that some other keyboards use these (I have seen them in PIAI synths such as the Proteus, and the Oberheim OB-1); you need to make sure it is the right one before ordering though!

SCI Pro-One White KeysWhite key top (some are bright white, others have yellowed a bit with age so state preference depending on the whiteness of your keys) $10/each.
High "C" $20 - (sold out)

SCI Pro-One Black KeysBlack key top $7/each.

Pro-One actuatorI also have the little j-wire actuators: $5/each

Roland Juno-106 Jupiter-6/8, Juno-6/60, SH-101.
White key $10. Black key $8 (sold out). High "C" $15 (sold out).

Roland JX-8P D-50, JX-10, Alpha-Juno-2.
White key (weighted)$15. Black key $10. High "C" $20

Ensoniq Esq-1 These also fit the Mirage DSK-1 (plastic case) and Crumar Bit-One.
White or Black key $10. High "C" is sold out

Ensoniq EPS These also fit the ASR-10, EPS, EPS-16 Plus, SD-1, SQ-80, TS-10, VFX, VFX-sd.
White or Black key $10. High "C" $18

Korg MonoPoly keys fit MonoPoly, PolySix, Poly61, Poly800, RK-100, Kawai SX-210/240, and MemoryMoog, and Oberheim OB-8.
White $5, or Black key $4. High "C" $18

Peavey DPM Si Also fits Kurzweil K2000, Ensoniq Fizmo, SQ2, Alesis Quadrasynth QS4 QS6.x QS7.x and A6 Andromeda, Peavey DPM2, DPM3, DPM3SE, DPMSi, and DPM4.
White or Black key $6. High "C" $12


CEM3328 VCF $25
CA3080e (NOS) Transconductance Op Amp $5


Roland TR-808 Step Switch - New parts.
These are the same as were fitted originally $1.75 each, $26 for a set of 16. These are my preferred solution.


Roland Juno 106 Slider Cap
$8 - Sold out

Parts For Other Synths

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