Still very much in Business

I can’t believe how long it has been since I updated the blog, need more time to keep up with such things. Opto-key is available to ship in both MIDI and Non-MIDI versions.

Check out the newly manufactured and restored original MiniMoog cases that are exclusively available through This Old Synth. This work is carried out in a small US woodworking shop with all work done by the owner for consistent quality. I also have solid MDF replacement case bottoms to replace the crumbling originals.

It is a great time for analog synths with all of the re-issues going on, and thankfully for me there is still great interest in the vintage ones that I’m focused on.

I have been struggling here with a lack of space and sore back so I have had to stop doing large synths. MiniMoog’s are the main focus here and always welcome!

If you are in the bay area you should check out Lance’s Synth Museum in Emeryville (near Oakland), lots of cool stuff you can see and play for a very low fee.

I decided to turn off comments to older posts today as I’m getting bombarded by spammers who have nothing better to do than bombard me. Oh well, welcome to the world of blogging!