Roland SH-101

Roland SH-101 in red

Roland SH-101

This is the red version, and this one had the hand-grip. It had several issues, the most common of which was a touchy power switch (causes oscillator drift). I go 2 ways on this repair, either wiring across the switch so it is permanently on (no-go if batteries are being used), or order a replacement from TechnologyTransplant; the customer voted for the latter.

 The switch arrived and was fitted.   Switch cleaner was applied to all pots, switches, and sliders. I then re-soldered tracks around audio out and modulation connector, restoring switch operation and getting rid of crackles, and also re-soldered around the frequency and filter sliders as things were intermittent there.

 The bender was only operating in one direction, the LFO push function did not work, and the unit needed adjustment as putting the VCO amount slider forward caused a frequency change. The last 2 items were cured by setting up the position of the bender on the pot shaft. The big issue was that the LFO switch was bad, and they did not make this repairable. I was unable to find a replacement (although having stripped that area out on a Juno-106 yesterday I see it looks similar). I managed to remove the old switch and modify it so that a micro-switch could be installed, and this works fine.

The unit was finally set-up to spec and sounds great!